Ashton Families Who Care


The Lord works in miraculous ways.  Having time on their hands and ideas discussed in the house, Rouxlè Johnstone and Duncan Johnstone came up with an idea to assist families in need during the Covid-19 Lockdown in South Africa.  Rouxlè is also a Debutante in the Debutantes and Squires programme at Ashton who assist Charities every year.  This is the tenth year this programme is being run at Ashton.

The children approached their parents and soon the family managed to get the ball rolling, and the Johnstone children were joined by their cousins and moms and dads were roped in. The students made a list of supplies they needed, priced the items and the supplies amounted to R400 per family of four.   Within a very short space of time, donations poured in from  a number of big businesses who donated money towards purchasing essential food and sanitizing items for families in need.     Realising that during lockdown it would be an impossible task to reach these families, they approached Ashton to assist with the project.  Ashton then approached the KwaDukuza Municipality to assist with this COVID-19 Disaster relief efforts, particularly in the category of relief that the Ashton Families Who Care had .identified.   The Executive Director for Community Safety at the municipality Mr Cecil Viramuthu made arrangements for a meeting with the families concerned as well as the Ashton CEO, Managing Director, Business Manager and Marketing Manager and HOD Computer Applications Technology.

Under the Covid-19 Lockdown Regulations permits were granted to 22 volunteers  by the KwaDukuza Municipality to assist with the packing of the food packs and the KwaDukuza Disaster Management team will distribute food parcels to families in need as identified by them.    Each pack contains 2 kg sugar, 5kg maize meal, 2 kg rice, 2kg sugar beans, 2,5kg flour, 750ml cooking oil, 400g Imana Soya Mince, 400g Imana soup, 100 tea bags, 500g salt, 4 x Royco Soup packs, 1kg Oats, x2 canned baked beans, x2 canned fish, 900g jam.  Hygiene items include 2 bars Dettol soap, 10 toilet rolls, 500ml Jik, 500ml Hand Sanitiser and 300g Omo.  “We are very grateful to be receiving this assistance from the Ashton Families Who Care as there are so many families in need,” said Mr Viramuthu.  “The KwaDukuza Municipality has also received assistance from various other institutions in various areas to assist with food and other essentials.  This pandemic is causing a lot of anxiety and placing tremendous financial pressure on people,” he added.

Flyers have been designed in both English and Zulu to be included into each pack regarding personal hygiene which were all printed at Ashton.  “We are extremely honoured to be a part of this initiative by the students who have very big hearts, and assisting where we can.  Our assistance is not financial but assistance with awareness and making available the opportunity to donate any one of the items on the list,” said Mr Andre Buys CEO of Ashton International Colleges.

“I am very excited to see this all happening and very grateful to my brother and cousins, our parents and Ashton for taking hands with us in this project.  I never dreamed it would become a reality, but it has and now we have an enormous task ahead of us,” said an excited Rouxlè.  “I am also very grateful for the assistance from the KwaDukuza Disaster Management Department – without their help we could never make this happen,” she added.

The first 2 500 packs – each to the value of R400 have been paid for and as soon as delivery of products for the packs takes place the packing process will begin.  Also to every one of the 20 odd volunteers who will be helping with the packing, and giving their time in this Holy Week to help, Ashton Families Who Care are extremely grateful.  Also to the Asst. Director of Environmental Health Services for the Ilembe District Municipality, Linda Weaver, for advice and inspecting the supplies and the premises, our sincerest gratitude.

A bank account which is jointly administered, has been opened for any further donations.  In the interim we have been blessed with collection points for any of the items on the list which will go towards making up one complete pack.  We also welcome on board, Lifestyle Super Spar, where a donation of any of the items can be dropped off in the collection box.  A list will be displayed at the entrance.   Donations can also be placed in boxes at Tiffany’s Spar and at Pick ‘n Pay.   The contents will be moved every day to the packing and distribution centre .    We thank these Shopping Centres who are already under pressure, for the willingness to support this very worthy cause

“We are also excited that a virtual Bike Ride and Iron Man Competition will be held on Sunday, and the information is on the flyer also attached, and this can be shared. ”