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“I am so incredibly proud of the 2020 Cambridge IGCSE students who worked so hard to achieve
outstanding results in their November 2020 IGCSE (International General Certificate in Secondary
Education). Today (Thursday 1 April) we received the exciting news that Sashna Govender clinched
the spot of the Top Student in South Africa for Accounting. But this was not the end of this
momentous occasion – Danielle Boshoff is the Top Student in the World for Afrikaans as a Second
Language and Physical Science. This is a phenomenal achievement”, said an elated Senior College
Head, Mrs Jenny van Buuren.
Sashna Govender Achieved 98% for Accounting to give her the top spot in South Africa. “Sashna’s
other marks were also fantastic, all above 92% with a 95.67% average”, added Jenny van Buuren.
She achieved 98% for Mathematics, 97% for Physical Science, 95% For Afrikaans, 94% for English and
92% for Business.
“With 99% for Afrikaans as a Second Language and 98% for Physical Science and an average of
96.67%, we are thrilled that Danielle Boshoff was announced as the Top Student in the World for
these two subjects”, said Jenny van Buuren. Danielle’s other results are also exceptional with 97%
for Accounting, 98% for Biology, 96% for Mathematics and 92% for English
Each year Cambridge rewards a number of students for their excellent results. For the November
2020 Examinations there were 7 subjects where students in South Africa achieved top marks. “This
year Danielle Boshoff clinched that prestigious spot as the Top Student in two Subjects where over
140 countries and 4500 schools write these examinations. To achieve this in one subject is amazing,
but in two subjects is simply extraordinary”, comments Jenny van Buuren.
The Senior College teachers’ dedication and commitment to assisting the students achieve
excellence is evident every day, and more so when the results are released. Bearing in mind that
80% of the preparation for these examinations were done On-line during the COVID19 lockdown.
The IGCSE students achieved a 100% pass rate with an average of 5 distinctions per candidate and
100% of the students achieved an average of 73% and above. “I am so proud of the students and the
teachers for the hours of work they put in during 2020. Their hard work certainly paid off with every
subject returning an average of 80% and above”, concluded Mark Charlesworth, Academic Head of
the Senior College. A true reflection of not only Heart, Spirit, Character and Courage, but one of
dedication, commitment and having specialised teachers at Ashton.

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