The school welcomes all applications

Application for a place at Ashton may be made through the Admission’s office. The admissions application process, per phase, is available below or on this link. A meeting with the Head may be arranged via the admissions staff as part of the application process.

The final decision will be based on student vacancies and subject choices for the relevant grade.

Our admissions ladies can be contacted telephonically on 032 946 2096 or via email.

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Meet our Admissions Team!

Ashlings (Gr 0000 – R)

Mrs Shani Jeffereys

Junior College (Gr 1 – 3)
Foundation Phase

Mrs Linda Aylward

Junior College (Gr 4 – 7)
Intersen Phase

Mrs Trysie  Engelbrecht

Senior College Gr 8 -12 (Form 1-5)

Mrs Kirsten Abery