The Ashlings Early Learning Centre prides itself on being “child-centred”.

From the minute you walk through the doors, you can feel that the heart of the staff and the school at large, is devoted to helping each child reach their potential. Our school quite simply believes in play and in embracing childhood! Learning occurs throughout each classroom and on the playground in a child-led manner. The possibilities for learning are endless if they are guided by a child. Capturing the essence and individuality of each child and allowing this to flourish is something which our qualified teachers pride themselves on.

In an age where technology comes into play all too often, in the Ashlings Early Learning Centre, we focus on connection – connection between the child and their teacher, and the connection between families and the school.

Our daily activities focus on play-based, hands-on learning and this is scaffolded by specialist sessions with Music, Balls Skills and seasonal swimming lessons, as well as age-appropriate computer literacy skills during our Computer slots for the Grade 00 children.

Our children are our priority and that guides us in our Christian ethos. Our core values are teaching children resilience, love for others and respect for everyone.

We look forward to you visiting our school to see our love for children in action.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today!” – Malcolm X

Mrs Germare Buys

Mrs Germare Buys
Head of Ashlings